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King cakes – redux

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Not a super exciting post, but last week I made king cakes again. This time, brilliant baker that I am, I split the original recipe which I’ve only used in the past to make ginormous king cakes into three mini king cakes. The results were pretty good. I might never make a super giant cake again. I think two is probably the right number from that recipe. Amazing it only took me a year to figure it out.

I also made only cinnamon this time instead of filled. A few lessons learned – cinnamon was significantly lacking where the ends were brought around to make a circle, so I need to make sure to spread it all the way to the edge next time. I also put way too much filling because it oozed out all over the pan. But that just meant I got to eat a lot of gooey cinnamon filling without digging into the cake. Finally, the bottoms were still a little overdone, so I need to watch that.


Yummy balls of cinnamon filling.


Circles of dough


Ooey gooey cinnamon filling


Three little king cakes, all in a row.
(Ignore all the crap in the background. I don’t have a lot of space to work with.)

IMG_1633Baby Jesus, holding on for dear life.

I had big plans for today, but they all got thrown out the window when I had a teensy, tiny post-vacation meltdown. Oh well. My officemate will have to wait for her birthday treats, and my commemoration of being at my job for a year isn’t really worth commemorating anyway. Some other time.

Next up: funfetti cake balls for husband’s birthday. That’s always fun to do on a weekday night…


Twelfth Night

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Twelfth Night is the night that precedes Epiphany Day, which is the day the three Wise Men visited baby Jesus. King Cakes are associated with the celebration of the Epiphany, which kicks off the Mardi Gras season, which ends Ash Wednesday, which kicks off Lent. I love Lent. It’s like a manageable New Year’s resolution time frame. I already know what I’m giving up this year, but that’s for another post on another blog.

Anyway, it’s always fun to look forward to King Cake season and Mardi Gras after the stress of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Moving so far away, I had to get creative to get my king cake fix since shipping them out here can be pretty pricey. So last year I found a recipe and tried my hand at making a few. I learned some good lessons (King Cakes, 2011), and I was pretty psyched to get going this year.

Here are my first two of the season:

king cakes

Look pretty good, right? Don’t be fooled. The bottoms are burned. Sigh. I blame the parchment paper I was using, which was not my usual parchment paper because last time I went to the store they were all out so all I could buy was Martha Stewart Foil + Parchment Paper in One. Even though it says on the box you can use it for baking, please don’t. It doesn’t lay flat in the oven, it will curl into and over your baked goodies, and apparently it will make you burn the shit out of the bottom of your king cakes. Ugh. So. Frustrated. It takes all freaking day to make those things. Arrgh.

We just taste-tested them, and they’re pretty much spot-on, except for the crunchy bottoms. I say there’s enough icing on top and cream cheese in the middle to distract you from that, so we’ll see. I hate sharing less than perfect treats, but I think my husband would kill me if I threw these away. So off to work these go. Ever try lugging around a king cake plus a gym bag to and from the gym on not one but two buses? Yeah, I’ll let you know how that goes.